Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Painting Contractor

Choosing a Commercial Painting Contractor

Do you own a commercial building, office space, or warehouse? Maybe it’s been so many years since it received its first coats, and now you notice chipping paint and dull walls. You need to consider choosing and hiring a commercial painting contractor to retouch your property and give it a fresh, new look.

What does commercial painting mean?

Commercial painting covers exterior or interior large-scale paint jobs for commercial spaces such as warehouses, office buildings or spaces, restaurants, stores, and the like. While apartments, condos, and HOAs are residential in nature, a commercial painting service will also cover these since they are commercially marketed, e.g. rentals. If the interior or exterior of your business needs updating or a fresh coat of paint, you need to hire a reliable professional commercial painting company.

What do commercial painters do?

Commercial painting companies have highly skilled and professional painters capable of updating any business interior and exterior. They also have the experience of working with general contractors and HOAs in their local areas. For instance, a commercial painting Nelson contractor such as A&A Painting Ltd. operating in the West Kootenay area will be highly familiar with everything commercial in the Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail areas. A commercial painting company such as this can offer all commercial businesses or complexes the following services:

  • Commercial and Industrial painting.

  • Commercial interior and exterior painting.

  • Containment and air filtration.

  • Maintenance program.

  • Color consulting.

  • Spray painting.

  • High-pressure washing.

  • Preparation repairs.

How much do commercial painters charge?

On average, commercial painters charge around $2 – $6 per square foot and around $65 – $100 per hour. Of course, there can be adjustments to this based on various factors such as the size of the commercial property, labor costs, paints and material costs, and others.

For any commercial painting job, the biggest factor will be the size of a commercial property or space. The bigger the building and space, the job will cost more. For instance, with interior commercial painting jobs, the amount of space measured is based on wall space, not floor space. So, for a warehouse that measures 14×14, that would be 196 square feet.

Other factors to consider are how much paint or the volume of paint that will be used, the type of paint chosen, and if there are interior or exterior cracks or damages that need repairing before the painting work.

What important factors should you consider when choosing a commercial painting contractor?

  • Licensing and insurance

The painting company should be fully licensed, insured, and bonded as required and mandated by any Canadian province. Also, inquire if the company has liability insurance as this is for the protection of the employees against injuries and accidents. With painters working on your property, you should not be held responsible if anything untoward happens on-site. Insurance also protects your commercial property from any damage by the painters.

  • Commercial painting experience

This is a major consideration when choosing a painting company because a few will try to pass themselves off as commercial painters when their experience has only been with residential painting. Experience means having worked for so many years with other commercial clients and involves complex planning, ladders, scaffolding, tools, and equipment.

  • Timeframes and budget

Some commercial painting jobs can be urgent because a space or business will not earn money during the paint job duration. An experienced painting company can provide an estimate when the job can start and how long to complete.

Likewise, honest quotes and estimates from honest painting companies give you the option to choose, most likely, based now on the quality of finished work. But remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Make sure all costs are covered with no hidden fees or extra payments for other things.

  • Customer reviews

Commercial painting is always a large investment on the part of the proprietor, so take the time to research and read all online reviews from previous clients of the painting company. Aside from reviews from previous customers, check for comments about customer service, the skill of the painters, punctuality, and the overall finish of the job.

If the commercial painting company is truly established for many years, it should have an online portfolio page on its website. These will include shared images from previous clients.

  • Communication skills

An established and professional company will have a staff with strong communication and listening abilities. This is important since some business owners need to convey ideas or concepts to the painters. Most of these ideas and concepts are time-proven to attract customers, so a good painting company needs to listen and communicate well. Both parties need to be on the same wavelength.

What possible steps do professional commercial painters take for a paint job?

  • Step 1 – After a potential client has contacted and booked a quote, the painting staff or team inspects on-site to provide an accurate estimate. This includes a needs-and-expectations assessment, professional color consultation, and then providing the quote or estimate of the entire job. Since commercial painting jobs are large in scope, even an established painting company may need between 24 and 48 hours before releasing the estimate.

  • Step 2 – If the quote, start date, and timeframe are agreed on, other scope details are verified and finalized so everyone is on the same page.

  • Step 3 – Painting doesn’t start right away on the first day. A walkthrough of the site is done to check out all details. All areas will be prepped and covered by repairing, cleaning, filling, and priming all areas as necessary.

  • Step 4 – As soon as the commercial paint job is completed, all work and surrounding areas will be cleaned up, double-check to make sure no leftover paint, materials, tools, and equipment are left behind, and leave the areas on the same level, or better, during the first arrival. A final walkthrough is done with the client to make sure that said client is happy with the finished work before considering it fully completed.

Other things you can do before choosing a commercial painting company

Finding and hiring a commercial painting company isn’t that difficult if you know what questions to ask or what to search for in a painting company, as mentioned above.

Before searching, make sure you’re clear on what work you need to be done. Make a list of tasks the painting company needs to complete. Do detailed and thorough research to narrow down your choices. After receiving quotes, make your decision on hiring so the painting company can get to work as soon as possible.

A&A Painting Ltd.

A&A Painting, established in 1995, has been serving the commercial, residential, and even industrial painting needs of the entire West Kootenay region, covering the cities of Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail. The painting company has earned a reputation for reliability, punctuality, and courteousness. All its quotes, work, and consultations are backed by expert training and experience. If you also factor in passion and creativity, then you’ve got yourself a great mix of a painting crew that you can fully trust.

For more than 30 years, Rick Arney, A&A Painting proprietor, has been into the painting business so he and his crew can “bring something of real value to people.” He and his crew have extensive experience in residential, commercial, and industrial painting projects, whether exterior or interior.

A&A Painting has the right to claim that they are number one in their area and even beyond. It has been the recipient of several prestigious business and industry-related awards, including the Kootenay Business “Platinum Best of Business” from 2015 to 2020.

The company is fully bonded, licensed, insured, and included in the worker’s compensation board (WCB). All staff and personnel are fully vetted and police background checked.

Always choose the best commercial painting contractor in the West Kootenay region. Always choose A&A Painting Ltd.

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