Is It Safe Now to Hire Someone to Paint the Exterior or Interior of My Home?

The British Columbia provincial government allowed a partial reopening of the B.C. economy beginning May. This was phase 1. In June, phase 2 allowed some non-essential businesses to open except, bars, pubs, nightclubs, entertainment venues, casinos, and businesses that cannot maintain a minimum social distance of 1-2 metres between persons.

So, is it safe now to hire a painting contractor to paint the exterior and interior of a home? The full answer is YES, you can now hire exterior painters, and interior painters for home painting jobs.

Although residential painting jobs are not considered essential by the government, both interior and exterior painting jobs are now allowed so long as social distancing and other health precautions are observed.

Painting contractors continue to do commercial and industrial painting work for essential businesses and can now do so even for projects and buildings that are non-essential.

All Painting Jobs Need Special Protection

Whether contracted for commercial jobs or for home painting jobs, painters need to follow strict health precaution protocols. These can present some challenges to the job. Painters themselves must keep six feet apart, wear mask and gloves, and only two workers are allowed per vehicle going to and from the job. Painters must disinfect before and after work, they can only use their own brushes and other tools, and they can’t share paint cans.

In some cases, painters are tested for temperatures and may be asked to answer a list of questions.

Home Painting Jobs

Since the lockdown began in March, the internet has been buzzing about bored homeowners stuck at home who decided to do DIY interior painting projects. So, when painting contractors were once again allowed to do home painting jobs, they discovered that they were sorely needed in some homes to finish, in some instances, cosmetic interior painting. After all, there’s a difference in a task done in DIY homeowner style and done by a professional. Novices have difficulty spotting irregularities and lines that need to be straightened.

In many cases, people were glad that painting contractors were finally given the green light for home painting jobs. With summer now in, this is the best season for painters to put on a new coat for homes that need it.

If your home is in the Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, and West Kootenay areas, you all know which painting service provider needs to be called.

A&A Painting. We’re back in business again.    

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