What Can You Do about Fading Exterior Paint?

Paint fading is the gradual loss of color of one or more paint pigments that result in the lightening of the surface color. It is often signaled when chalk is spotted, of which, fading then starts. This painting problem is prevalent on dark-colored walls since these tend to absorb more heat. Thus, the chance of paint deterioration is higher with darker colored paint. Paint fading is also prevalent in coastal areas as sea salts, and atmospheric moisture creates a corrosive environment that adds to the rapid fading of paint.

What Causes Paint Fading?

Prolonged exposure to sunlight

Exterior paint is obviously more exposed to sunlight and tends to fade faster than interior paint. The high levels of ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight affect the paint pigments, making paint vulnerable to fading.

Temperature changes

Sudden changes in temperature are a significant factor to fading. The greater the extremes of temperature changes that exterior paint is exposed to, the greater the stress on the paint and its pigments, thus, increasing the deterioration process.

Using low-quality paint or paint with low film thickness

Usually happens with most DIY painters or hiring cheap paint labor. The upper layers of the paint quickly peel off, the paint coating chalks off, and the color begins to fade. (This won’t happen if you hire a bonded and licensed painting contractor such as A&A Painting Ltd.)

Choosing the wrong exterior colors

Colors such as bright blue, red, and yellow are more susceptible to paint color fading due to its attraction to UV radiation.

How Do We Fix the Paint Fading Problem?

Whether the exterior paint is fading because it’s been many years since your exterior had been last painted, or you hired the wrong people a few years back, you need to select and hire a quality, bonded, licensed, and insured exterior paint contractor. If you’re in the Nelson, Trail, and Castlegar areas, you need to call up A&A Painting.

Make sure the paint contractor assures you that all paint is removed through pressure washing, scrubbing, and chalking all exterior surfaces before repainting. The licensed painting contractor beforehand will also discuss with you about high-quality from manufacturers that guarantee a high degree of UV resistance. The contractor will also give suggestions about exterior paint colors that can both protect and is suitable for your home’s appearance.

You can also discuss the future of the exterior paint, and its longevity, including annual washing and repainting of the color coat that will stop chalking from occurring. However, discuss this only if necessary, not as a given.

A&A Painting

In the Nelson, Trail, and Castlegar areas of British Columbia, A&A Painting has proven to be a dependable exterior and interior painting contractor since 1995. The painting needs of the entire West Kootenay region have been served well by A&A Painting evidenced by its successful commercial projects not only in Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail, but also in Fruitvale, Kaslo, Crawford Bay, and New Denver. Check us out today for your exterior painting needs.    

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