Covid 19 Safety Operations Plan

A&A Painting LTD Covid 19 Operations plan. 

The health and safety of our staff, suppliers and customers is the highest priority for A&A Painting LTD. Measures are being taken to protect A&A Painting LTD staff, suppliers and customers, in accordance with regional government requirements. A&A Painting LTD. is providing ongoing communications to employees; encouraging continued awareness of general hygiene and social distancing precautions; restricting travel and adjusting operations as appropriate.: 

To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19

We require our sales representatives to request our customers’ advance approval to meet in person or permission for walk around at homes, offices or jobsites. 

Product ordering

Ordering — order online or by phone 

Pickup — pick up our supplies by curbside or by service entrance Delivery — where possible, we have our supplies delivered directly to the jobsite 

Staff are encouraged self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19; and to report when they are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Eliminate attendance to large in-person meetings and group gatherings; 

We have implemented the following Operational actions: 

Work Schedules to be coordinated with customers / Job site supervisor’s regarding dates, times and areas we will be working on order to have dedicated work spaces to maintain social distancing.

Cleaned our fleet, and ensured its operational readiness; and maintain that everyone have disinfectant wipes as well as hand sanitizer of their own in their vehicle / Worksite. 

Support good hygiene practices, including staff to wash their hands; establish policies and practices to maintain proper social distancing; and keep on site personal protective equipment (e.g., masks, gloves and protective eye wear) for proper use of such protective wear is required. 

Upon arrival to the worksites we ask that before touching you wipe any knobs or switches with your sanitizing wipe as well as wipe again with a fresh sanitizing wipe on your way out. Please do not use a sanitizing spray on the locks/switches as this may affect future proper operation. Please remember to use your hand sanitizer on your hands both going in and your way out to protect yourself. After doing all that sanitizing dispose of your sanitary wipes in a garbage of our own or our vehicle as it is a biohazard for others to pick them up and throw them away. 

Equipment / Handtools: Use your own personal hand tools as much as possible. Wipe / disinfect shared tools and equipment before and after use. 

Maintaining social distancing is keeping 6 feet between yourself and others. 

The Covid 19 Pandemic is creating is many ways a new work environment. We are still learning and developing our operational Covid 19 work plan. We encourage your input to help improve this for the safety of all. 

A&A Painting Ltd. is fully bonded, licensed and insured, including WCB. All personal have been fully background checked. We have been in business over 30 years. We are the longest serving Painting Contractor in the West Kootenay’s. Kootenay business magazine has awarded us the Platinum rating as the No. 1. We Warranty our work and can supply further references upon request. Check out our website at www.