Maintenance Program

Would you like help with maintaining and scheduling the painting of your home or commercial buildings? A&A Painting’s Ltd. new Maintenance Program is definitely for you!

Most buildings have sides that weather faster than others, a lot of factors contribute to this. You can now take advantage of A&A Painting’s Ltd. Maintenance Program to have these areas repainted and maintained without waiting for the whole building to need a new paint job.

The Maintenance Program is a service by the company for property owners who want to have their houses/buildings inspected for paint touchups and maintenance. The team will come and look over your property, inspect it and make recommendations on the areas that need to be repainted. This program will give you estimates and prices and can also give you the services you will need annually. Your project history that includes the products, colors, and finishes will be on record.

Basically, you will be added to our lists of customers and each year, we will set a time to look over your houses and/or buildings and make recommendations for the painting touchups your property requires. This service will save you hassle, worry and lots of money in the long run.

What kinds of services will the maintenance program do?

Any kinds! Whether it be painting just one window, or just one side of your house, or repairing the number of areas on your house that are showing signs of weathering. A&A Painting’s Ltd. Maintenance Program is flexible and will give you the service your home needs.

Why choose to avail this service?

People often postpone until their whole house needs to be re-painted; not considering that some parts weather sooner than the others. Take for example a newly painted building. Some sides and trim may weather away in 3 years and need to be repainted while some parts may not weather until after 10 years. Waiting for 10 years before scheduling a paint job for the whole building at once will likely give you disadvantages you do not want to experience.

It will cause those certain areas to have severe damage that the surface/wood even begins to rot away and then would require extensive repair that will cost you more.

Opting to avail A&A Painting’s Ltd. Maintenance Program will save you from this worry. A&A Painting Ltd. will evaluate and inspect the cycle on how long the paint lasts in the areas of your property. We will then recoat areas required to achieve greatest economy and this will assure you that you won’t have to encounter the worse.

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