The Top Color Accent Trends for 2023

Color Accent Trends for 2023

The color accents trending in 2023 are making it a much brighter year, at least for exterior and interior painting. These color accents are chosen because they are directly impacting on emotions and are uplifting the moods of any space. After two tumultuous years, more interior design enthusiasts are turning to colors to liven up […]

Hiring Professional Interior Painters? Suggest These Six Wall Paint Ideas

local professional painters in Nelson

This fall and winter, if you’re planning to hire a professional interior painting company to splash fresh coats of paint to refresh, don’t just have them paint the walls in singular colours. Suggest a little artistry and imagination to the interior painters with these wall paint ideas and designs that will transform your ho-hum walls […]

Commercial and Residential Painting Services

Professional commercial and residential painting services and companies specialise in high-quality commercial and residential painting, both interior and exterior. The painting crews of these painting companies are well-trained professionals who also receive additional training for new products and materials. They also offer the best experience they have gathered over the years that no training usually […]

Request Exquisite Grey Rooms from Your Painters in Nelson

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Are you thinking of painting your spaces in exquisite grey? Many professional local painting contractors have been recently using this versatile neutral and warm shade to create spaces ranging from tranquil to edgy. Forget those classic beige and white walls. When it comes to warm neutrals, grey has been the hot shade for the past […]

How Much to Paint a House Exterior?

how much to paint a house

This is a common question that customers will ask professional residential painters: How much to paint a house exterior? The cost to paint the exterior of a house will greatly depend based firstly on the existing paint coating originally applied to the exterior. For cost and pricing, most local painting contractors in British Columbia use […]

Industrial Painting Trends that an Industrial Painting Company Always Pays Attention To

Industrial painting

Industrial painting is much different from residential painting. While most residential painting focuses on being aesthetic and decorative, industrial painting is primarily used as an important layer of protection against chemical erosion, corrosion, and rusting of steel or concrete facilities. However, though an industrial painting company focuses more on the utilitarian nature of the painting job, […]

Residential Painting Can be Done Even in the Winter

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A professional painting contractor will tell you that winter may not be the perfect time for residential painting. In fact, most contractors will tell you this. But while this is true with exterior painting, interior painting can still be done despite the cold and chilly atmosphere, day and night. There is less humidity in the […]

How to Find and Hire an Exterior Painting Service

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Professional painting is not just a skill; it is a profession built on years of experience. People need to ensure that when they hire an exterior painting service, the exterior painting contractors should deliver the highest quality outcome that is desired by the client.   When searching for exterior painting companies: Do your homework Do […]

Commercial Painting in Cold Weather

exterior painting by AA Painting

As the fall season is here, with winter just around the corner, some business owners are wondering if the commercial painting projects they failed to implement in the summer can still be done in the winter. Naturally, a business owner may seek the advice of a commercial painting service if building exteriors can be painted. […]

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