Interior painting is simply the painting of the interior of a newly constructed home, building, or industrial factory. Thus, interior painting can be commercial, residential, or industrial in nature.

Interior painting can also be the repainting of part or the whole interior of a home, building, or industrial factory, depending on which part needs a fresh coat of paint. Whether it’s a single room, a new accent wall, or a full remodel of a home, anything that needs it deserves a high-quality and impeccable fresh paint finish. Thus, you need professional results from a professional paint service contractor such as A&A Painting Ltd.

When is interior painting needed?

Unlike exterior paint that is exposed to weather and other elements that can cause damage, fading, and chipping, interior paint takes longer to fade or get damaged. Nonetheless, on average, most interiors may need repainting every 10 years. This period could be less for commercial and industrial buildings. There could also be other factors such as the quality of the original paint used, what the interior materials are made of (wood, cement, etc.), and how the weather affects the interior.

Reasons for Residential Interior Painting

  • Promotes healthy indoor air quality.
  • Keeps dust and dirt to a minimum.
  • Protects interior surfaces and hides permanent marks and stains.
  • Increases the real estate value of your home.

 Reasons for Commercial Interior Painting

  • You demonstrate good building management and your building appearance matters a lot.
  • You want to attract more new tenants and lease renewals.
  • You want to attract more customers and foot traffic for your tenants.
  • You want to change the mood of your business.

Reasons for Industrial Interior Painting

  • You provide better rust and corrosion control/prevention for the interior.
  • There is a higher aesthetical appeal for the workers and for investors touring the facility.
  • You improve the health of the building and the workers.
  • It improves inspection ratings because manufacturing interiors need to be free of visible rusting, paint fading on walls, and chipped or damaged walls that also invite bacteria and mildew.

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A&A Painting gives free estimates and quotes for all interior painting projects. There is no extra charge in providing product and colour consultation. All pre-painting preparation includes any patching, sanding, caulking, and priming as needed, and covering or protecting areas as required.


A&A Painting Ltd. puts in the highest priority the health and safety of customers, suppliers, and its own staff and painters. All measures are being taken to protect everyone in accordance with regional government requirements.  

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