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Commercial and Residential Painting Services

Professional commercial and residential painting services and companies specialise in high-quality commercial and residential painting, both interior and exterior. The painting crews of these painting companies are well-trained professionals who also receive additional training for new products and materials. They also offer the best experience they have gathered over the years that no training usually […]

Commercial Painting in Cold Weather

exterior painting by AA Painting

As the fall season is here, with winter just around the corner, some business owners are wondering if the commercial painting projects they failed to implement in the summer can still be done in the winter. Naturally, a business owner may seek the advice of a commercial painting service if building exteriors can be painted. […]

Commercial Painting Services: Is There a Psychology Behind Choosing Retail Store Colours?

Before we get down to colour choices and colour psychology for retail stores, let’s get one thing clear. If you’re a retail owner who believes that brick-and-mortar retail stores are becoming obsolete, think again. In fact, think hard again. You can improve the look of your retail store by talking with commercial painting services. Even […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Painting Contractor

Choosing a Commercial Painting Contractor

Do you own a commercial building, office space, or warehouse? Maybe it’s been so many years since it received its first coats, and now you notice chipping paint and dull walls. You need to consider choosing and hiring a commercial painting contractor to retouch your property and give it a fresh, new look. What does […]

The Effects of Changing Weather on Exterior Paint

Canadian weather is unpredictable, plus given its radical temperature shifts. Exterior paint that covers any house faces the most demanding weather conditions possible. Modern paint chemistry and exterior painters are now adept at handling these situations, and house surfaces that once required painting every two years can now go longer before they require repainting. But […]

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Painters in the Summer for Interior Painting

As British Columbia is now into Phase 3 of Reopening, lockdown protocols are being relaxed. And since it’s the summer months, there’s no better time to paint the home interior than right after some spring-cleaning efforts after being cooped up in the house for several months due to the pandemic lockdowns. There are 4 reasons […]

Your Office or Company Needs a New Coat of Paint in the Soon-to-Be Post-COVID World

Now that British Columbia is into Phase 3 of Reopening and lockdown protocols are easing off, the summer months may be the best time that your business or building may need a new coat of paint. For this, hiring commercial professional painters is an important decision. And if your business happens to be in the […]

Industrial or Commercial Painting

Industrial painting – sometimes called commercial painting – is basically the method of surface painting for industrial or commercial purposes and is very much different from home or residential painting. Industrial painting uses different methods to coat commercial surfaces with paint other than just applying by brush or rollers. Surfaces in industrial painting also tend […]

Commercial Painting Contractors

Commercial painting is basically the method of surface painting for commercial purposes and is very much different from home or residential painting. Commercial painting contractors use different methods to coat commercial surfaces with paint other than just applying by brush or rollers, especially when it involves buildings for businesses. Surfaces in commercial painting also tend […]

No Job is Too Hard or Too High: Repainting the Fire Lookout Station on Old Glory Mountain near Rossland, B.C.

In the middle of September of this year, A&A Painting Ltd. made a little bit of history by restoring and repainting the old Fire Lookout and Watch Station atop the Old Glory Mountain near Rossland, British Columbia. It also showed that no painting job is too hard or too high for a painting company like […]

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