Winter Wonderland Makeover: Transforming Your Home’s Exterior for the Festive Season

Home's Exterior for festive season

As the holiday season is upon us, most people are busy decorating their homes to create that warm and festive atmosphere. But for some advanced thinking folks (like you, dear reader), the most effective way to transform the look of a home is to choose the right exterior paint colours. However, paint colour trends can come and go, even with paint colour trends for the holidays. Thus, for the best home makeover for a winter wonderland, maximise that exterior painting service with these recommended exterior colours that will not only transform you home for the festive season but will hold true for the whole year, and the years to come.

Warm whites and creams

One of the festive shades of the season turns out to be the warmest colour for exterior painting for any home. Warm creams and whites have remained the most popular exterior paint colour for many years up to the present. But take note that this isn’t the pure bright white variety that is sharp to the eye. Instead, choose warmer, nuanced, and subdued whites or creams that feel soft, gentle, but with a sophisticated look. That look will also bring out the best of whatever Christmas decor you hang outside your home, not to mention raising your curb appeal in the neighbourhood.

Vibrant greens

Green is another festive colour of the season. Unlike pale green exterior paint that may look too subdued for your taste, vibrant and rich green hues can draw on the shades of the surrounding landscape and have nature-focused and rejuvenating qualities that will continue to resonate the whole year, and beyond. Whether you have flowering plants around the home or put up Christmas decors outside the home, vibrant greens will impact all of these. These even look good as window borders. For a more festive green, you can also ask your exterior painters Nelson if they have festive mint green.

Berry red

Of course, what would Christmas be without the colour red? For a festive red that looks great for many years to come, opt for a deep and rich berry red. This is good as bold statement while highlighting any Christmas decors you hang outside. It does pair well with any decorative element you put up. This hue adds a touch of sophistication to any home, and though striking, it is still subtle compared to other reds. If you choose a more subdued colour, think of this red hue instead for your doors, window borders, of the chimney.

Gingerbread brown

Obviously inspired by Christmas gingerbread houses, this brown hue can be cosy, charming, warm, and inviting for that holiday feel. It is a colour so inviting that it is also great during the spring, summer, and fall. It is a calming and unique choice that will give out a refreshing holiday look for all your Christmas decorations outdoor.

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