Modern Minimalist Look: Sometimes Two Colors are Perfect for a House

Sometime last August, the A&A Painting Ltd. painting company did an exterior paint job for a homeowner along Columbia Road in Ooteschenia. Most of the home exterior needed to be repainted white while the bricks needed priming and painting to dark gray. The original color of the bricks was a faded brick red. The dark gray and white colors complimented each other perfectly.

What affects the durability of an exterior paint job?

Some apparent factors can affect how long exterior paint can last. These obvious factors are how the home was painted previously, weather or climate, and how the house has been maintained over time.

For a newly purchased home, for future reference of the new homeowner, it would be a good idea to inquire about the original paint job. This includes asking about the type of paint used, how many coats were applied, and the official color name. Overall, it would be good to know what year the house was painted. There are cases wherein a newly painted house would only be purchased a year or two after.

The weather and climate play the most extensive role in affecting the longevity of exterior paint. Climate factors that can make paint bubble and fade or age quickly can be hot and humid climates or harsh winters and intense storms.

Exterior maintenance and preventative maintenance also plays a role in the longevity of the paint. All home exteriors are prone to wear and tear from climate dampness, rot, chalkiness, insect and rodent infestation, and mold. How these factors are dealt with in maintenance determines how long paint will last.

Having Your Home Exterior Repainted by A&A Painting

The average lifespan of exterior paint is around five to ten years, again depending on the factors stated above. But, when paint is visibly fading or is visibly cracking or chipping off, then this is the time to get in touch with a professional painting contractor and request for a free estimate or quote.

A&A Painting Ltd. in the West Kootenay areas covering Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail, will give a free estimate so you, the homeowner, can get an honest appraisal of how much it would really cost to repaint your home exterior. Once you book the A&A Painting team, you are assured of nothing but top quality work and a job finish that will leave you beyond satisfied.

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One thought on “Modern Minimalist Look: Sometimes Two Colors are Perfect for a House

  1. Bridge Dale says:

    That is exactly what I plan to do. I believe one color is too bland and three colors are one too many. 2 is the perfect number of colors so that you can have the perfect combination to paint your house.

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