A Palette of Trust: A&A’s Legacy of Painting Expertise Since 1995

A&A Painting team

If most people in the West Kootenay area talk about painting services in the area, or painters in Nelson, painters in Castlegar, and painters in Trail, there is only one painting contractor capable of full satisfaction brushing excellence. When it comes to trusted residential or commercial painting, sometimes with an artistic touch or when experience meets with creativity, there is only painting company worth mentioning: A&A Painting Ltd.

So, let us dive into the harmonious blend of experience and creativity that A&A Painting has always dished out to every satisfied and happy customer, defining their approach to both commercial and residential painting projects.

Building Up The Trust In The Community

In an expectedly cutthroat industry of painting services, there is only one way that a local painting contractor can slowly earn the trust of the community: By increasing the number of satisfied and happy customers. Because as the years go by, these satisfied customers become your return customers as well. On this point, A&A Painting Ltd. has developed this trust starting in 1995 by not only garnering satisfied customers in the West Kootenay area, but their services and work are backed by professional expertise, training, and expertise. And all these backed up further by reliability, punctuality, and courteousness.

Over the years this local painting company has created a trusted professional painting crew with a mix of passion, ideas, and creativity. This is all due to owner, Rick Arney, who created this painting business to “bring something of real value to people” and has done so for the past 30 years. His painting crew has earned the trust of the people through their extensive experience in residential painting, commercial painting, and industrial painting.     

The Legacy Of Painting Expertise

This legacy can be seen in what makes A&A Painting different, and what they have become in over 30 years.

  • They have the largest staff of experienced crew leaders, painters, and admin team.
  • They have the largest van fleet.
  • They have the largest painting crews in the cities of Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail.
  • They have the longest running business with constant high commendations from clients based on professionalism and customer service.
  • They have platinum awards from 2015 to 2020 as Best of Business in Kootenay.
  • They are number 1 with a proven track record because of professionally consistent service.
  • Aside from successful painting projects over the years in Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail, their portfolio also extends to Fruitvale, Kaslo, Crawford Bay, and New Denver.

Painting Expertise Coming From The Best Professional Painting Contractor

A&A Painting is a company that is fully bonded, licensed, insured, and WCB. All staff and personnel are fully police background checked and vetted to ensure customer safety and proper delivery of services. For residential painting, commercial painting, and industrial painting services, you only need to get in touch with us through our local numbers. Or you can visit our official website and e-mail us. You can get an immediate free quote from us.  

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