Colorful Celebrations: Festive Interior Painting Tips for the Holidays

festive interior painting tips

The holidays are upon us, and believe it or not, this is a good opportunity to brighten up the home interior by putting fresh coats of paint on the walls before putting up the Christmas tree, festive decors, and Christmas lights. Getting interior painting done as early as now is a great way to prepare your home before the holiday celebrations, parties, visitors, and food arrive.

As this article provides holiday interior painting tips for homeowners, the best tip that everyone should remember is this: Whether it’s to paint your living room walls, refresh your dining room, or a new hue in the kitchen, to get a great paint finish, always consult with local painting contractors and let the professionals do the work.

colorful festive interior painting tips

Ask for Warm Colors

Ask the professional interior painters about warm colors for specific rooms, and what works for the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. A complete palette of warm colors in your home interior will be great for the winter and cooler temperatures, and the shorter days.

  • Winter white, silver gray, or taupe – These are soft and neutral colors that will illuminate your home’s interior and provide a lovely backdrop for your pinecones, gold or silver decorations, and of course, the Christmas tree. The bright homely look will greatly contrast with the festive decors.
  • Yellow or beige – These are warm colors and hues that will go well on any wall and with any Christmas décor. They also look beautiful when spring and summer comes.
  • Greens and reds – For many families these are traditional Christmas colors. They can also be just as lovely in warm tones on some selected walls. Talk seriously with your painting contractor before deciding on these colors.

Paint Those Cabinets

You can request your painting contractor to have your cabinets painted to have a fresh look for the holidays. A simple cabinet painting job is more than enough by choosing matching colors based on the wall colors in your kitchen, dining area, etc. This will look beautiful in the long run and impress your visitors even beyond the holidays.

  • Have your cabinets painted in white to create a stunning contrast against the gray or red walls or festive decors.
  • Light gray cabinets help light up a compact kitchen or bathroom space.
  • Consider painting kitchen cabinets black if you have lots of natural light or a white tile backsplash.
  • For neutral walls, use bolder or brighter cabinet colors.
  • Paint your cabinets in pastel colors to create a fresh or relaxing atmosphere.

Paint the Entryway

Request a distinctive color for the walls of your entryway to have it stand out distinctively. Ask for colors that will make visitors feel welcome. For example, white or light gray plus a few artworks or photographs, or dark green plus white-framed portraits.

Focus on the Accent Wall

A single wall in the kitchen, living room, or dining area with a splash of color is a fantastic way to give any home a festive atmosphere. If you and the painting contractor agree on a consistent color palette throughout the home, you can choose a complimentary color for the accent wall.

Call A&A Painting Today

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