Choosing Colors for Tuscany-Inspired Living Rooms

Tuscany style living roomTuscany-inspired living rooms are generally Italian in nature. This is because Tuscany is a province in Italy and is more well-known for its provincial capital, Florence. Tuscany and Florence are known for their famous Italian landscapes, traditions, history, and artistic legacy. During the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany produced many prominent figures that influenced art, science, and architecture. So it’s not surprising that Tuscany will have a great influence on living room designs because Tuscany living rooms and family rooms were known all over Europe for their artistic legacy and water-color-like interior and artistry. You can bring the look of Tuscany into your own living room by researching and discovering how shades of terra-cotta bright colors like orange, brick red, olive green, golden yellow, and plenty of rich neutrals can bring Tuscany to your living room. Tuscan Italian colors Selecting the right Tuscan Italian colors for living room walls You can bring Tuscany to your home with sun-baked hues or earthy neutrals, and even both. Tuscan colors often include shades of brown, stone, beige, cream, and even golden yellow, gold, terra cotta, russet, sienna and brick. If you research Tuscan history you’ll find out that these colors are very Italian in nature. Greens are generally muted, like pear, olive, cypress, loden, and sage. You can go out and experiment with more striking colors for accent, but use them in moderation and keep them nearer to nature-based colors. Some other color possibilities include celery, bright yellow, and even rich purple. If you wish to add a rejuvenating splash of color to your decor, try deep blue or cool turquoise. Other Tuscan colors for the living room Tuscan living room spaces should feel welcoming in the style of Italian culture because the living room is the first thing visitors see and must be an invitation to gather, converse, and have refreshments or some drinking. Tuscan gold, creamy neutrals or warm brown tones will help you to create this welcome atmosphere. You can actually use embellishments of marble or ceramic tile along with the Tuscan paint colors to remind that the second welcoming room is the dining room. Tuscan royal hues Feel like Italian royalty with the walls dominantly in deep royal blue hues with decors and pillows in blue or light brown and the fireplace paneling colored in white. Decors and accessories should also be in royal blue to lend an air of elegant flair. Anything white in the room should be crisp and accented. Window treatments and the coffee table can be neutral to help break up the dark hue.

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  1. drunksv says:

    Choose color combinations to create a comfortable and rustic palette. The colors of Tuscany are traditionally saturated, but there is no reason that you couldn’t choose   light and neutral colors  along with traditionally Tuscan colors if your lighting or taste makes darker colors less desirable. The colors you choose are not limited to paint. Your color palette is also your guide to choosing accessories, furnishings, window treatments and artwork. 

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