Commercial Painting Contractors

Commercial painting is basically the method of surface painting for commercial purposes and is very much different from home or residential painting. Commercial painting contractors use different methods to coat commercial surfaces with paint other than just applying by brush or rollers, especially when it involves buildings for businesses. Surfaces in commercial painting also tend to require more detailed preparation especially where buildings or equipment are concerned.

Preparation is very vital to proper and long lasting paint applications. If the surfaces to be painted have not had paint applied previously, then the process is somewhat easier, such as the surface of a newly constructed commercial building. If a previous coat exists, then it may or may not require removal depending on the need.

There are also differences between commercial painting and industrial painting. With the latter, surfaces to be painted need to be prepared by using either water jetting or abrasive methods. With the former it uses ultra high pressure water jets for a washing and blasting effect. This removes grit, dust, and other loose particles. The latter method is a combination of wet and dry blasting to get rid of rust, grit, dust, and chemicals. While both preparations may be utilized, this is very seldom done.

Professional local painters such as A&A Painting Ltd. offers commercial painting and a little bit of industrial painting.

Both commercial and industrial painting usually apply either high-performance coating or intumescent coating. The former uses high-performance or long-lasting paint coatings that can be used for both the commercial or industrial sector. They can be used for both the exterior and interior in commercial buildings as well as for factories, pipelines, and manufacturing plants. The latter is a paint coating that provides fire resistance to various materials it is applied to. They are usually used for commercial plastic or the interiors of commercial buildings and for industrial construction projects.

Another big difference with industrial painting is that industrial paints need to provide a protective coating against both physical and chemical elements in the prevention of rust and corrosion. Secondly, it must give a pleasing appearance to increase the value of the commercial surface. However, this can also be applied with commercial painting.

Residential – commercial painting contractors such as A&A Painting Ltd. are able to keep on top of all the latest developments. They are versatile and flexible to be able to offer a wide range of painting services for the West Kootenay area.

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