Tired of Your Walls? Try Having Cool Geometric Designs Painted by a Painting Contractor

Cool Geometric Designs Painted by a Painting Contractor

Are you bored of your single-coloured room walls? You might think of wallpapers, but they can be scary and traumatising especially when a lot of work is needed from gluing them on the walls to steaming and scraping them off when you need to change the wall colours. Why not make a statement by having geometric designs painted by a professional painting contractor? This can be the ultimate optical movement and depth illusive style for bare walls.

Geometric Paint Designs is a Trend

Geometric wall paint designs and patterns are actually a popular trend for any interior design space, including a newer trend, 3D geometric wall designs. They are unconventional designs that transform boring rooms into eye-catching artistry. At its core are three elements: Symmetry, Variation, and Repetition. Local painting services understand the benefits of painting geometric patterns for walls and even train their painters to paint them. Some of these benefits include:

  • Homeowners can change them if they get bored with the design and want to have something new.
  • The homeowner can create patterns themselves using blueprints and stencils to present to the paint company.
  • It is actually less expensive than designer art projects or custom wallpapers since you can pick the design and colours yourself.
  • It always looks fresh, unique, and visually appealing.
  • It can be versatile because of the endless shapes and sizes that you can experiment and play around with.
  • You can even play around with multiple colour shades and contrasts.
  • You can even blend the wall designs with the floor design or colour.

Common Geometric Wall Designs

3D Triangles Wall Paint

A 3D triangle wall paint design gives unity and a unique flow to any room, particularly the master bedroom, due to its repetitive pattern across the wall. You can have varying shades of white and grey to provide visual depth and lend a sleek look. The entire pattern can be accentuated with circular hanging lights.

Mountains are just triangles

You can’t argue that mountains aren’t geometric designs because mountains are just triangles, and triangles are surely geometric. This look will look cool for the children’s or a boy’s room, but in fact, in any room for that matter.

Soothing Blue and White Geometric Wall

For those who want a clean and simple room but still have an artistic feel that makes it unique and different, especially for living rooms and kitchens, this wall paint design concept is a great option. A combination of simple geometric shapes with naturally soothing blue and white paint can create a unique wall effect, a geometric wall design that is simple and easily painted.


Hexagon patterns are simple and great even for perfectionists of geometric uniformity. You can choose simple hexagons or elongated concentric hexagon designs. This design can prove to be an ideal backdrop for any stylish décor items that are decorated around the room or a mirror on one side.

A&A Painting Ltd.

Are you in the West Kootenay area, particularly in Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail, and in need of a professional painting contractor who can paint geometric wall designs? Look no further because you only need to call A&A Painting. You can present your designs to us or we can sit down and create geometric designs that will suit your walls.

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