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Hiring Professional Interior Painters? Suggest These Six Wall Paint Ideas

local professional painters in Nelson

This fall and winter, if you’re planning to hire a professional interior painting company to splash fresh coats of paint to refresh, don’t just have them paint the walls in singular colours. Suggest a little artistry and imagination to the interior painters with these wall paint ideas and designs that will transform your ho-hum walls […]

Tired of Your Walls? Try Having Cool Geometric Designs Painted by a Painting Contractor

Cool Geometric Designs Painted by a Painting Contractor

Are you bored of your single-coloured room walls? You might think of wallpapers, but they can be scary and traumatising especially when a lot of work is needed from gluing them on the walls to steaming and scraping them off when you need to change the wall colours. Why not make a statement by having […]

Modern Minimalist Look: Sometimes Two Colors are Perfect for a House

Sometime last August, the A&A Painting Ltd. painting company did an exterior paint job for a homeowner along Columbia Road in Ooteschenia. Most of the home exterior needed to be repainted white while the bricks needed priming and painting to dark gray. The original color of the bricks was a faded brick red. The dark […]

What Can You Do about Fading Exterior Paint?

Paint fading is the gradual loss of color of one or more paint pigments that result in the lightening of the surface color. It is often signaled when chalk is spotted, of which, fading then starts. This painting problem is prevalent on dark-colored walls since these tend to absorb more heat. Thus, the chance of […]

Is It Safe Now to Hire Someone to Paint the Exterior or Interior of My Home?

The British Columbia provincial government allowed a partial reopening of the B.C. economy beginning May. This was phase 1. In June, phase 2 allowed some non-essential businesses to open except, bars, pubs, nightclubs, entertainment venues, casinos, and businesses that cannot maintain a minimum social distance of 1-2 metres between persons. So, is it safe now […]

Choosing Colors for Tuscany-Inspired Living Rooms

Tuscany-inspired living rooms are generally Italian in nature. This is because Tuscany is a province in Italy and is more well-known for its provincial capital, Florence. Tuscany and Florence are known for their famous Italian landscapes, traditions, history, and artistic legacy. During the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany produced many prominent figures that influenced art, science, and […]

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