An Old House in Nelson, BC, was No Match for A&A Painting Ltd

A&A Painting Ltd. has done it again.

There is this old house in Nelson, BC, and it was long overdue for an exterior repainting job because it had severely weathered areas. So, the A&A Painting team power washed, scraped, primed, and caulked as needed on the outside of the house before applying the required coatings of acrylic latex. Now, the property is looking great again.

But, as a homeowner, are you curious about the process of exterior painting we do at A&A Painting?

What is Power Washing?

Pressure washing should never be skipped, as most customers are apt to request. Pressure washing is critical in removing all dirt, debris, chipping, and cobwebs before painting. This means the new paint can bond better with the undercoat. The washing also removes mildew that can ruin a paint coat.

What is Scraping?

Paint scraping is necessary after pressure washing has been done. This is the process of removing loose and flaking paint that wasn’t removed by the washing. And even if there is no visible peeling paint, it’s good to scuff off some surfaces to provide a good base for the new paint.

What is Priming?

Whether the house exterior is an unpainted surface or one that needs repainting, the standard procedure in painting is to do ‘priming’ or applying a primer coat as the first paint coating. This is followed by two topcoats of paint. This means that the coats of paint will adhere well to the previous surface.

What is Caulking?

Caulking is the process of using caulk substance to seal a joint between two surfaces and to fill small holes and cracks in the house exterior before repainting is done. Cracks and holes in any surface, even walls, collect water. This will cause paint to peel. Caulking is usually done after pressure washing and scraping, and just before priming.

A&A Painting Ltd.

Are you living in the West Kootenay area? Or perhaps you’re living in the Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail areas? Perhaps you’ve looked up at your house and seen a lot of signs that it needs repainting? Call us direct:

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