Refresh Your Home Just in Time for this Christmas Season

Refresh and repainting your home interior for the holidays is an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit for your family. Understandably, you’re not expecting much company for Christmas because of the pandemic. But you’ll do anything for your family, and if having an interior painting project will improve the holiday decorations and home morale, then this is the time to do it. And with the New Year coming, you might as well give your home a new look for 2021.

Interior painting is the perfect gift for your home (and family)

If you have lived in your home for quite a long time, then surely it’s fair to say that you’ve been thinking about a home renovation project before, such as interior painting.

You don’t need to jump into a full-scale renovation project; a quick and straightforward interior paint job might do the trick. Perhaps you need to freshen up the main walls in your home, personalize your home office space, or make the kitchen colorful again.

This is actually the best time of the year

Many people don’t know this, but winter is one of the best times to get that residential interior painting project to take off. Winter presents much more flexible schedules for your local painter in Nelson or anywhere in the West Kootenay Region as more people are planning painting projects for spring and summer. This means that in winter, you may get first dibs on the schedule and even be offered a better deal.

Also getting your interior painting done in the winter will open your time up in spring and summer for better activities with the family.

Checking your interior maintenance

Before professional painters in Nelson or anywhere else start their interior painting, they run a routine maintenance check on all surfaces about to be coated. This means they can check your interior if any maintenance is needed, such as holes in the walls you never noticed, faulty electrical switchboards, and rotten or damaged wooden surfaces.

beautiful kitchen interior design

A&A Painting Ltd.

It’s winter in the West Kootenay Region, and the holidays are going fast, so what are y’all waiting for? Get an interior painting consultation and full quote from the best professional painters that cover Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, and the West Kootenay area. With over 30 years of professional service and experience, you need to call A&A Painting Ltd. We are bonded, licensed, insured, WCB, and all personnel have been fully background-checked. And yes, we have a COVID-19 Safety Operations Plan for all projects to ensure your safety as well as ours.

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