The Colors that Energize a Home Interior

Colors that Energize a Home Interior

When you decide to hire professional house painters to paint your home interior, you first need to sit down with them to choose the best room colors for your walls. After all, their professional suggestions are based on many years of residential painting experience when it comes to interior painting. Still, the painting contractors will also ask what colors affect your mood and if you have specific colors that directly reflect your personality.

Color has the power to change the size and shape of furnishings. It can also change the shape and size of the room itself. Selecting room colors is not difficult if you have some basic information. The trick is to blend and couple what colors you may like with whatever the professional painters may suggest. 

You can’t go wrong with the basics

Real professional house painters will always suggest neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray. While these colors may seem warm and inviting to some, they may be cold and boring to others. Fortunately, other neutral color mixes are pleasing and inviting, such as mixing beige and gray. Ask the painters about the lightest shade of blue available. You can also try smoked oyster, pewter, and Dorian gray.

Color psychology

  • Blue – This is a cool and calming color. It is popular because it represents sky colors. Blue works well in living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms.
  • Yellow – This color represents inspiration and happiness. It also gives a new, modern, and attractive look. Pale yellow can also make a space look big. They are suitable for accent walls and kitchens.
  • Purple – This is the color that stimulates the imagination. It’s the color of wealth, luxury, royalty, creativeness, wisdom, and romance. You can also try shades of lilac.
  • Red – This is the color of energy, excitement, and confidence. It is also stimulating, passionate, and courageous. Try a candy-apple red shade. Red is suitable for accent walls and the kitchen.
  • Brown – This color represents earthy and secure contentment. It also represents nature and simplicity. It’s suitable for living rooms and the best color if you want to sell your home.

A&A Painting Ltd

You can also enquire from the professional house painters of A&A Painting Ltd about blacks, silvers, orange, pink, and green. When it comes to professional interior painting, A&A Painting is the outstanding team that provides painting services for Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, and the West Kootenay area for over 30 years.   

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