When is the Best Time (or Season) for Exterior Painting?

best time for exterior painting

In truth, you can’t just decide on any time, or season, when to have your house exterior painted. Exterior painting is not a job for any time of the year. Besides, have you seen anyone painting the outside of a house in the dead of winter, with the temperature around -10ºC at the least? For any exterior residential painting job to finish perfectly, the weather needs to cooperate.

Best time or weather to do exterior painting

The ideal time and weather for exterior painting is early summer and early fall. These have minimal rainfall and minimal temperature fluctuations.

How the paint will dry properly is directly related to the weather’s temperature and conditions at the time of application. Ideally, you need to choose a time of dry and warm days. So, it’s a good idea to check the weather at least a week after the first painting day. If it rains before you paint, you need a couple of days for the sidings to dry out before painting. You also need to make sure it won’t be pouring down the day after when your paint is still curing.

Be careful of sudden temperature fluctuations from day to night. Check the temperatures on the days after the painting because a sudden temperature drop at night will have an adverse reaction to the paint. This will lead to paint peeling and cracking.

How warm should it be outside?

Naturally, aside from the need for paint to dry and cure properly, the temperature and weather should also be suitable for the painters doing the heavy work. Summer can also bring extreme heat, so always check the temperatures before painting. If it’s too hot outside, the paint will dry too quickly, leaving unsightly brush marks and clumps of paint. It’s also not a great idea for any painters in Nelson BC, to be painting out in the extreme heat, under the blazing sun.

Just remember these no-nos before having your home exterior painted:

  • Don’t paint when it’s outside
  • Don’t paint outside an acceptable temperature range
  • Don’t ever paint in freezing climates

A&A Painting Ltd

Of course, with all of the above, you get to discuss with your local and dependable exterior painting contractor, such as A&A Painting Ltd, on the best time and season to have your home exterior painted. Give A&A Painting Ltd in Trail, Castlegar, and Nelson a call or visit our website. After all, when it comes to exterior and interior painting, we have 30 years of experience in the West Kootenay areas.

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