The Importance of Local Painting Contractors

professional local painting contractors

Painting for home improvement for a house, apartment, or condo must be tackled beyond more than just being a DIY project. Even if it is just a room, paintings takes time and planning, so imagine painting the entire interior or exterior of a home. With a painting of this scope, any homeowner should turn to the services of local painting contractors, especially local ones near you that know the community well. Painting a home interior or exterior is more than just slapping paint on walls; it needs a professional touch from true professionals.



Generally, a painting contractor is a professional painting company that can be hired by homeowners or business owners to do residential painting or commercial/industrial painting services. These services are particularly beneficial to clients because it allows said clients to obtain top quality from a professionally done paint job. This can significantly improve the appearance, comfort, and value of any property or business. A usual local painting contractor or company can have around 10 or more painters working for them.

Nelson, BC, as a focus area for local painting companies

Nelson is a city located in what is called the West Kootenay region in the southern interior of British Columbia. Known as a “Queen City”, it is an impressive collection of restored heritage buildings, new commercial businesses and buildings, and old and new residential areas. Nelson is one of three cities in the region, the other two being Castlegar and Trail.

With Nelson’s growing economy especially in the food service and food production business, many new retail businesses and commercial buildings are sprouting all over the area. This attracts a lot of people all over the region to shop in the city’s retail circles and local markets. This economic growth is a boom that is advantageous to local industrial painting contractors and residential painting services because they are familiar with the area and its residential and commercial properties.

commercial industrial painting in Nelson BC


Knowledge of the area and weather conditions

Hiring a local paint company for a major painting project makes more sense than outsourcing to a national painting chain. As the locals would say, “I know these woods like the back of my hand.” The same goes for local painters. In all four seasons, they know the right time, weather, and condition to paint any exterior or interior. They know what type of paint to choose to withstand anything the weather throws.

Understanding of local building codes and regulations

While Canada has its basic federal building codes and regulations, most local regions around the country also have their building codes and regulations to fit the area’s natural and geographical conditions. Local painting contractors are more than familiar with all these local laws, thanks to their years of experience. Also, since these local painters have been working in the local area for many years now, they are most likely to be registered, bonded, licensed, and insured to keep up their reputation.

Personalised service and attention to detail

In a local region like West Kootenay, as the saying goes, “Almost everybody knows everybody.” So, it’s almost a guarantee that the local painting contractor will be friendly, personalised, and provides the best service possible. When it also comes to attention to detail, local painters need to provide the highest quality because, to them, positive word-of-mouth from their customers will go a long way just as a testimonial or local reference will.

Supporting the local economy

When people hire from a local painting company, especially from the Nelson, BC, area, most of the money paid to the company will stay in the region. This same company is likely to buy all its supplies, equipment, and tools needed for painting from local retailers in the area. This symbiotic relationship becomes a big boost to the area’s economy. Local painting contractors are most likely to be involved in construction, projects, and organisations in the community. Local businesses will realise that purchasing or outsourcing to national chains will be more expensive, opting instead for local painting companies.



 Residential painting contractors

Many people will be surprised to find out that residential painting contractors offer a wider variety of painting services than commercial painting. They can go big and paint an entire house or apartment complex or offer smaller-scale jobs such as rooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. They can even go smaller than that if needed by the customer. In short, the focus of all services is for residential projects only, whether for the exterior or interior. Every detail down to the type and colour of paint is purely for residential consumption. 

Commercial painting contractors

Commercial painting, and sometimes industrial painting, is usually applying paint to a large area such as an entire building, multiple buildings, warehouses, factories, stores, restaurants, etc. This includes both the interior and exterior. Commercial painting surfaces aren’t usually as detailed as residential painting jobs. However, because the projects are mostly large-scale, the types of paints and colours selected are more “industrial” grade and need to withstand tougher conditions longer. Commercial painters also offer a range of services not found with residential painters such as sandblasting, faux finishing, epoxy flooring, and others.




A local painting company, having operated for many years in the local Nelson, BC area, has gathered under its belt more than enough expertise, experience, capacity, and skills to handle any size of painting job. A reputable local painting company will have a string of successful paint jobs, so clients can’t go wrong with an expert with many years of experience. This is often proudly displayed in the website portfolio to show off its high-quality standard finish.

Reputation and Reviews

As mentioned earlier, a quality local painting contractor has a proven track record, with satisfied clients and reviews to back up the claims. When asked for references, the company never hesitates to share them. Part of this good reputation also means being available for painting jobs based on the client’s schedule.  

Licenses, Bonds, and Insurance

All painting jobs involve some form of risk from accidents. A local painting contractor makes sure that the company and employees are all covered by insurance. The company also has a reputation to protect, so it is always up-to-date in its registrations, licenses, bonds, and background checks of all its painters/employees. 


A local painting contractor must offer flexibility. This means putting the client’s schedule and needs first. Thus, the company offers a choice of packages and services for the client’s goals. A painting company that can work after hours or during the weekend gives assurance of a successful and quality painting project.

local painting contractors in Nelson BC


Do Your Research

A local painting company isn’t that hard to research and background check. You can always start at their website. Check if the company is registered with the local business bureau, is licensed, bonded, and covered by insurance. If the company background checks its painters, this is a bonus. Look at their portfolio and reviews, then ask around, especially their references and past jobs. A high-quality and experienced painting contractor should have a string of successful projects over the years it is operating.

Get the Proper Quotes and Estimates

A quality and experienced local painting contractor will give you not just one, but several packages you can choose for your planned goals. The company representative should be willing to walk you through your project and discuss everything in detail. A proper quote and estimate – aside from the paint specifications, materials, and cost – will also include:

  • Full contact information
  • Total cost that includes taxes
  • Detailed scope of the project
  • Complete timetable
  • Terms and conditions with payment terms made clear

Checking References and Credentials

As mentioned earlier, part of the research process should also be checking on the local painting company’s referrals and credentials. Aside from references from the company, talk to people in the business community if they would recommend this company, as well as family, friends, and neighbours. You can even go on social media to check out referrals and the company itself.

Contract Signing and Job Scheduling

Actually, before signing the contract, make sure that you and the company have agreed on the finality of the painting job scheduling. Once this is done, request a contract, though a truly professional painting company would probably mention this first. The contract should include details such as:

  • Surface preparation details
  • Paint products and colours to be used
  • Proper schedule/timetable
  • Payment terms
  • Other details that were presented in the quote and approved

Hiring a local painting contractor for a residential painting job or a commercial painting project benefits both the clientele and the local company. Clients get the best quality painting job finish because of the company’s experience and expertise in the local area and weather conditions. The client is assured that the local company is familiar with all local building codes and regulations. Being local, the company exudes customer-friendly and personalised service in dealing with local clients. And with hiring locally, the local economy gets a big boost and everyone benefits.

The importance of taking the time in choosing the right local painting contractor can’t be emphasised enough. But when hiring a local painting contractor, clients are assured that the company is bonded, licensed, registered, and insured, especially if operating in the Nelson or West Kootenay region. After all, a local painting company has a reputation to maintain in the area for both new and returning clients.

Naturally, if locals from the Nelson, BC area and even the West Kootenay region frequently hire quality and proven local painting contractors (such as A&A Painting, Ltd), this will always be a great way to support and boost the local economy.


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