What Do I Need to Know About Interior Painting?

You’re probably like most people who don’t give any thought about interior painting until you realize the inside of your home needs a new coat of paint because a lot of it is faded. However, you’re not quite sure how to hire professional interior painters. We’re to help you by showing what you need to know about interior painting.

Professionals will show you the sheen

Sheen is important because this is how your interior will look once it’s been painted. Generally, high-traffic areas look better with satin or gloss finishes. Matte finishes may look better, but they’re not as strong and long-lasting.

Check out a lot of samples before choosing the final colour

The professional interior painters will always allow you to test several samples in various light conditions before picking the final colour. You can also check out the colours under home lighting conditions.

Do the math with the painting contractor

Professionals doing the math for the cost estimate or final quote will always go through the math with you. They will show you how they add up the square footage of your walls, including dormers and alcoves, and possible extras. They will then account for the number of coats, primer, and porosity of the walls.

Proper prep work

Professionals will really spend time on prep work, starting with removing unnecessary furniture and fixtures that cannot be covered with plastic or tarp. They will then tape off areas for sharp lines, repair and repatch any imperfections, cover up floors, and remove doorknobs and switch plates.

Get the professionals you can trust

Hiring a professional painting contractor will make all the difference. You want to work with a painting company that’s experienced in all aspects and pay close attention to detail. You also want professionals that can protect your belongings. You need to look up the experience of the company based on the years they have been in the business and the reviews from their customers. The painting company must also be bonded, licensed, insured, and all its personnel must be fully background checked and vetted.

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