5 Clever Painting Designs that Building Painting Contractors Often Suggest

Building Painting Contractors

What your building or facility exudes makes the first impression to your customers of your company. A company must make sure its space reflects the message they want to send. Companies can use paint to make workplaces unique, and paint allows for the ultimate creativity. However, if you don’t know where to start, you can discuss with the building painting contractors who can provide some great ideas for creativity.

Incorporating logos in a clever manner

A company can make a big and bold statement by having the industrial painting contractors paint the company logo in the entryway or the front façade of the building. This brand identity means that it’s the first thing people see when they look at the entrance. You can also create an alternate monochromatic logo design and have it painted on the sides of the building, facility, or warehouse.

Bold colours and graphics

A painting company can suggest using colours, hues, and shades in fun ways to express the company culture. You can create a colour scheme that revolves around the company’s branding colours and use this scheme on the building or facility’s exterior walls. You can also use other colours that may reflect your company’s personality such as green for environment-friendly businesses or yellow for energy production.

Think beyond the walls

A company should think beyond their exterior building walls. There are imaginative ideas for ceilings and doors that can make a big impact on the company. For instance, if your industrial ceilings are low or boring, you can have commercial painting contractors paint them with airy colours or fun and bright designs. This draws the eye up and makes the space feel more spacious. You can have the doors painted in contrasting colours to the walls for better visual interest and appeal.

Make a statement

An exterior wall is like a giant canvas on the side of a building, facility, or warehouse. It’s waiting to tell or share a company story, a special event, or just show a stunning image. It can be a sizeable image of the company’s first storefront, its first innovative construction, the first product manufactured, or pay homage to the city where the company was founded with a skyline mural.

Painting camouflage

Local painting contractors can use paint to camouflage or disguise boring exterior drywalls. They can use paint to create a whole different look and feel to simulate other materials. Wood planked walls can be created by painting faux wood planks. The same can be done with faux brick walls.

Ideas and designs abound when you hire A&A Painting Ltd.

If you want your business or industrial building to stand out and make a statement, hire the best building painting contractors in the West Kootenay region. A&A Painting is a professional painting contractor with an outstanding painting and service crew. We have the painting experience built up with over 30 years in the business. Call us today.  

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