4 Reasons to Hire Professional Painters in the Summer for Interior Painting

As British Columbia is now into Phase 3 of Reopening, lockdown protocols are being relaxed. And since it’s the summer months, there’s no better time to paint the home interior than right after some spring-cleaning efforts after being cooped up in the house for several months due to the pandemic lockdowns. There are 4 reasons why summer is the best season to hire professional painting contractors (such as A&A Painting)

Best season to air out while painting

Having interior residential painting done in the summer means having the benefit of being able to open up all your windows to air out the house. No matter what type of paint for interiors, it may leave a distinct aroma in the house if not aired out. Also, lingering fumes won’t stay long while the painting job is going on. You can even use fans by the windows to circulate air out of the house.

Warm weather means faster drying

The warm summer weather means the paint dries faster compared in the winter months. Wall primers will dry faster, so you can proceed to the next coat at a faster time. When the second coat dries quickly, you can continue to the next coating. In short, the painters get to finish faster.

Using sunlight to choose the best color options

When natural sunlight is reflecting off the interior walls of your house, they cast a much different reflection than artificial lighting. This can help you determine all the possible and best options for color choices and considering all aspects such as light, shadows, and shading.

A&A Painting

In the West Kootenay area, particularly in Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail areas, A&A Painting contractors has proven itself as one of the best local painting contractors for the past 30 years. A&A Painting is strictly bonded, licensed, insured, and WCB. All personnel are thoroughly background checked.

With the post-pandemic world soon upon us, it may be time to hire A&A Painting for commercial painting, residential painting, and industrial painting. We also have interior painters and exterior painters. We also offer additional painting-related, carpentry, and repair services. Get in touch with A&A Painting today. 

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