Your Office or Company Needs a New Coat of Paint in the Soon-to-Be Post-COVID World

Now that British Columbia is into Phase 3 of Reopening and lockdown protocols are easing off, the summer months may be the best time that your business or building may need a new coat of paint. For this, hiring commercial professional painters is an important decision. And if your business happens to be in the West Kootenay area, particularly in the Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail areas, you can save time and money by hiring A&A Painting professional contractors.

Ask around how qualified A&A commercial painters are

A&A Painting has had their painting services in the West Kootenay area for over 30 years now. They certainly know other business owners and all you need to do is ask anyone who has hired them for a commercial painting job or even a residential internal or external paint job.

Read their online reviews

If you don’t have time to go around asking about first-hand experiences and referrals, you can head to the internet and do some online searching for online reviews about A&A Painting. You can use keywords such as commercial painting contractors in West Kootenay, painters in Nelson, painters in Castlegar, or painters in Trail. You can also “online reviews” if you want to be more specific.

You’ll also see that it pays to go local since a local painting company is more invested in developing an ongoing relationship with other locals.

You’re assured that A&A Painting is licensed and insured

There is always that temptation to save a few bucks by hiring a freelance guy who knows how to paint. That’s never a good idea. There are reasons why commonwealth and provincial laws require painters to be appropriately licensed and have insurance. If the painter you hired decides not to show up to finish the job, you’re left to hire the real professionals, and this will cost more money.

Get a feel of how working with A&A Painting contractors will be like

Take time to talk to the owners, the team, the painters and ask whatever questions you deem is necessary. For instance:

  • Ask if the painters have licenses, credentials, or certifications. What are they?
  • How many workers will be assigned to paint your office?
  • Ask for contact information in case of urgent matters. Observe how the A&A team interact with you.
  • Can they meet your deadlines, or can both parties be more flexible?

A&A Painting Contractors will be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate. Make sure you find out what is included in that estimate. We’re committed to creating long-term satisfied customers for every painting job we do.

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