6 Essential Questions You Should be Asking Painting Contractors Before Hiring

questions to ask o your AA painting contractors

You could say that having your home painted is an investment. Whether you’re having the entire exterior painted, or just the living room, you are protecting the value of your home for years to come. Because of this, it is essential that you carefully choose quality painting services. An excellent paint job will go a long way to make your home look great, but you still want to hire a painting contractor that puts the safety of your family first.

Thus, you need to ask these crucial questions before hiring.

Are you licensed and can you provide documentation of your certifications?

Strictly, any painting contractor who isn’t licensed will be jolted by this seemingly complicated question. But any real and honest painting company can safely answer that they are registered with the province as a licensed contractor. Real contractors can furnish copies of their registration or any other legal certifications (like safety certificates) to any potential customer.

Do you have insurance?

Painting contractors are obligated to possess:

  • Comprehensive business liability – This protects your property from damage by the contractor.
  • Workmen’s compensation – This protects the workers and customers from liability while they are working on your property.

Do you have a guarantee?

A quality painting company will always guarantee and stand behind its work. Make sure the contractor offers a solid guarantee and not just a “materials only” guarantee.

Is your workforce made up of experienced professional painters?

Are your employees full-time professional painters? How long have they been professional painters and how are they trained? Also, ask if the contractor practices hiring subcontractors. If they do, most likely the company has no insurance, and subcontractors always end up with low quality work. Full-time employees have been background checked and vetted.

What type of work do you specialize in?

Experienced painting contractors can tell you if they specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, or even interior or exterior services. Do they focus only on one or two services, or is their workforce capable of handling all these mentioned services?

Can you provide references?

The contractor should be able to provide an extensive list of current and past clients. You can also check out their website because past clients will be featured as references, including a photo gallery and a portfolio of recent painting projects.

A&A Painting Ltd.

If you get in touch with us or visit our office, we will be more than happy to answer all of the above questions, and more if you have other questions. That’s because A&A Painting is a professional painting contractor and has been in business for more than 30 years. We have been providing painting services for the cities of Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, and the rest of the West Kootenay area.

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