Things You Need to Know About House Painting

Things You Need to Know About House Painting

If you take a look at the interior or exterior of your house, you might find that it needs a fresh coat of paint. Of course, you’ll go online or through the phonebook (Does anyone still do that?) to find a professional house painting services contractor. But before hiring a painting contractor, here are the basic things you need to know before having your house repainted.

Professional house painters are licensed, certified, and insured

Before hiring professional house painters, make sure that they are licensed. All contractors must be duly registered with the province to do business. They are also certified with required certificates for safety and business. And licensed contractors need to have the proper insurance for property and worker liabilities.

Primer is used with the paint

To save on paint and to guarantee a quality finish, walls are first painted with primer before applying the real paint. Some paints already come mixed with primer. If not, the primer is applied separately.

Surfaces to be painted must be cleaned and prepped

Professionals know how to prep and clean everything before painting, especially walls, and clearing out rooms while covering heavy furniture with drop cloths or plastic sheets. All surfaces to be painted need to be cleaned or the primer and paint might not stick long. For the exterior, professional house painters will normally use a power wash.

Testing the paint colour

You may have chosen the right colour with the help of the contractor, but you don’t know how it will look on your walls. For interiors, this includes how the paint looks with lighting. Request that you test the colour first and allow the paint to dry, observing it during the day and night. If the colour finish is not what you expected, you can request other colour samples.

Rollers save time

Aside from spray guns, professionals use large rollers with poles and handles especially for the interior. This is because rollers can do the work much faster than traditional brushes. Corners, edges, and overlapping surfaces are painted using brushes.

Areas are measured properly

Professionals know the importance of proper measuring. All areas must be measured and calculated down to the last square footage. This is to properly calculate the amount of primer and paint needed.

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