A&A Painting Ltd. – Giving the West Kootenay Area a Nice Coat of Paint

If you’re living or doing business in the West Kootenay Area, particularly in the cities of Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail, and you’re in need of a fresh coat of paint, you can truly depend on A&A Painting Ltd.

West Kootenay – sometimes called ‘The Koots’ – is the southeastern region of British Columbia, and is filled with mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, valleys, forests, and some of the most progressive towns and cities in Canada. Just to name a few, Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, Rossland, Salmo, and Kaslo are slowly growing urban areas with rising populations and business investors who love the easy-going pace of its urban environment and communities.

Naturally, any region that is urbanely growing also means added infrastructures, and fresh coats of paint, particularly when it comes to eco-friendly low and no-VOC paints.

This is where A&A Painting Ltd. comes in.

It is considered the largest painting company that has been serving the painting needs of the West Kootenay area since the company formed in 1995. For the past 22 years its painters have been known for their colourful creativeness and initiatives in suggesting colours and being professional through their courteousness, punctuality, and reliability. Its painting crews have always been passionate and trusting in their work. This is probably because its proprietor, Rick Arney, has had vast experience in the painting industry for over 30 years. Rick doesn’t just send out crews to paint; they paint to “bring something of value to their clients” because they have the most experienced painters in the region. And since 1995, Rick and his crews have gained valuable residential, commercial, and industrial painting experience while dispensing satisfaction and joy.

Rick and the A&A Painting crews are always ready to dispense painting or guidance for paint colour selections or painting procedures. It doesn’t matter if it’s the interior or exterior of a residential or commercial building because they can handle everything.

They also specialize in using eco-friendly no VOC paints for every project or when requested.

For the uninitiated, low or no-VOC paints don’t contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that is dispensed while the paint is drying, as you would smell from paint in the past.

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  1. Gorage says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips related to painting company. I like to paint my new home with eco-friendly colors. This information is helpful for me to hire a paint company.

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