Commercial Painting in Cold Weather

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As the fall season is here, with winter just around the corner, some business owners are wondering if the commercial painting projects they failed to implement in the summer can still be done in the winter. Naturally, a business owner may seek the advice of a commercial painting service if building exteriors can be painted.

Painting in the fall and winter

Some people may ask why the building wasn’t painted during the summer. Perhaps the summer was so unbearably hot and the humidity was very high, or there was even a heatwave. Or maybe the building proprietor is planning to sell the building in the spring market even before spring arrives. This is actually smart since the new coat of paint adds appeal, rather than having it painted in the busy spring painting season. Some building owners even like to have their building exterior painted in the fall to seal off exterior surfaces that are prone to damage from snow and road salt.

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How surfaces react to painting in cold weather

Surfaces to be painted also called substrates, react differently when painted in cold weather. A truly professional painting contractor will discuss this with the building owner and the size of the whole painting project. After all, if you do start in the fall, you don’t want the project to carry on for several months and run into winter and possible below-zero temperatures.

  • Masonry

Probably the most common exterior material in most buildings, masonry can be painted in cold weather. However, some additional work needs to be done if other substrates (such as metal or wood) come in contact with the masonry or if the substrate comes into contact with the ground. This is because the ground and masonry might become too wet and retain much moisture.

  • Metal

Metal can be painted in cold weather. However, professional painting services will closely monitor how cold it can become during the day and night. This is to determine how the paint will cure in certain temperatures. Testing paint overnight and doing adhesion tests the next day is normally done.

  • EIFS and stucco

EIFS (exterior insulation finishing systems) and stucco turn out well even when painted in cold weather. Many professional painting companies have most of their stucco and EIFS exterior painting projects even in the autumn.

  • Wood

Wood does not get as cold as masonry and metal do in winter. Exterior wood is preferably painted in cooler weather. It is also less expensive because the need for primers for bare wood is eliminated. Also, wood allows for 4-hour recoating, making it desirable for painting in cold weather. Professional painters use moisture metres especially in the morning to avoid morning dew, most especially around windows, doors, frames, and other vertical wood surfaces. Decks and fences are also best painted in cold weather since hot weather can cause flash drying.

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