How to Find and Hire an Exterior Painting Service

newly painted exterior house

Professional painting is not just a skill; it is a profession built on years of experience. People need to ensure that when they hire an exterior painting service, the exterior painting contractors should deliver the highest quality outcome that is desired by the client.


When searching for exterior painting companies:

Do your homework

Do an online search including your ZIP code to find local painting contractors in your area. Find out if they have an official website, look over the website in detail, and search out their ratings and customer testimonials. There should be a page dedicated to painting projects and portfolios. Explore the painters’ social media accounts that feature before and after photos, project videos, and customer testimonials. Also enquire from colleagues, family, and friends about their experiences with local professional painting companies.

Request for a painting project consultation

When meeting professional painters, observe their professional and polite demeanour, or the lack of it. Remember that these painters will be spending time around and inside your house. When discussing the painting project, ask to receive more than one option for primers, paints, stains, etc. Ask the painters to explain the differences and their methods of painting. Ask them if they are licensed and insured, if employees are background checked and vetted, and if they can maintain a clean, safe workspace. Remind them that you have children and pets as well.

Get at least 3 quotes

Most painting companies offer free quotes and consultations. If they don’t, move on. Thus, get three consults and quotes from three different companies so you can compare and contrast. Don’t be afraid to ask about every little price detail. Painting contractors are professionals and should be able to explain every detail. Ask them about paint purchasing, cleaning and sanding, prep and repair, priming and caulking, clean-up, and covering and protecting any furniture.

Always obtain a written contract

When you have selected the final painting contractor, request a written contract. This is important and should contain:

If paying in cash, make sure there is proper documentation verifying the payment.

Why repair and repaint your home exterior?

If your home exterior and outer walls are in poor condition and falling into disrepair, you need to consider that a high-quality paint job will be a bit expensive. Paying professional residential painters to upgrade and repaint the exterior and other substrates will be worth it. Old or damaged exteriors will show imperfections if you decide to paint, DIY style. Are you in need of an exterior painting service? In the West Kootenay area, ask for A&A Painting Ltd. You can count on their professionals to provide the high-quality finish your home exterior deserves.  

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