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Are you thinking of painting your spaces in exquisite grey? Many professional local painting contractors have been recently using this versatile neutral and warm shade to create spaces ranging from tranquil to edgy. Forget those classic beige and white walls. When it comes to warm neutrals, grey has been the hot shade for the past years and its popularity seems to be growing rapidly. Once related to dreariness and sadness, the colour grey is rising in popularity even with the local painters in Nelson in the West Kootenay area.

Grey has more depth than white, making it a versatile and sophisticated backdrop to any room. From black-grey to pale silver-grey, there are different grey shades for any space. The grey shade can be associated with anything such as, which direction the room faces, what time of day the room is used, if the sun strikes the room, to how it compliments furniture, decors, artwork, and accessories.

Grey diagonals for walls

This is an easy wall paint idea for any accent wall. A blank wall can be upgraded into a sleek and attractive wall accent by painting a plain grey wall with diagonal lines of different thickness and shades to create an upbeat and trendy vibe. This painting design can be easily done by professional painters in West Kootenay for modern minimalist and small homes in West Kootenay.

Grey circle ombre

The grey circle ombre paintwork is perfect as a fun feature to dress up a blank interior wall. All the local painters in Trail need to do is to draw a huge circle on the wall and divide it into several vertical segments. Starting with the original grey paint colour, paint the middle part. Dilute the grey with white and work the paint to the outer segments. The painter’s tape dividing the sections can be removed when the paint dries.

Request Exquisite Grey Rooms

Blended grey wall

If you think a plain grey wall is too, well, plain, and it needs to be unique and exciting, you can use blended grey shades to create a unique blended wall. Professional painters can use two tones of grey to paint a cloud-like effect. The lower part can be painted with a darker tone and the top with the lighter one. Use the original colour for the middle part.

Special bathroom grey

For a unique bathroom, have the local painters in Castlegar paint your bathroom in Moore grey. While the tiled sections and bath remain in white, any furniture and all cabinets, shelves, and bureaus should also be painted in Moore grey. This should also include the ceiling.

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