How Much to Paint a House Exterior?

how much to paint a house

This is a common question that customers will ask professional residential painters: How much to paint a house exterior? The cost to paint the exterior of a house will greatly depend based firstly on the existing paint coating originally applied to the exterior. For cost and pricing, most local painting contractors in British Columbia use costing based on painting homes in Vancouver. It is essential to note that the standard quality for a return on investment for any customer is over a 5 – 7 year period. Also, the priority in painting a home exterior should be to protect against the elements such as the sun, rain, heat, cold, and moisture.

Cost of exterior home painting based on this standard process

How much to paint a house in Vancouver is based on this standard or basic process by all professional painting companies:

  • All surfaces must be clean for new paint and primer to adhere properly. This means pressure cleaning all exterior surfaces that include an anti-mould and anti-fungus solution.
  • Scrape and sand all loose and flaking paint. This is done using manual tungsten blade scrapers and a mechanical sander.
  • Filling and caulking all holes or gaps to inhibit moisture entry.
  • Priming is then conducted to create adhesion for new coatings, especially on previously painted enamel surfaces. This includes applying primers.
  • Application of premium topcoats in two coatings.


Possible additional costs:

  • Additional surface preparation

If the exterior is full of mould and mildew, painters will spend more time scraping and sanding surfaces, and removing cracking, peeling, and flaking paint coatings.

  • Existing hazardous

Any house built on or before 1978 will contain lead-based paint. We now know that lead is hazardous and poisonous to the body. Unfortunately, paint manufactured in most of the 20th Century used lead. When sanding and scraping away lead-based paint, safety precautions need to be utilised to ensure the safety of the painters and occupants.

  • Height access

When painting a home exterior, if height access is a challenge, this can add to the overall cost since the painters need to hire mechanical height access equipment or purpose-built scaffolding.


How much paint is required?

One gallon of paint will cover up to 400 square feet or 200 square feet in double coating. It also depends on the type of paint and the home exterior being painted.

For instance: A house that measures 2000 square feet will have approximately 1600 square feet. That means using 4 gallons of paint. The cost of exterior house painting can vary depending on its size and type of paint. For instance: A gallon of high-quality exterior latex paint will typically cost around $40 to $65. The average cost for a gallon of high-quality exterior acrylic paint is about $85 or above. For higher quality, there are more than $100 paints available on the market.

A&A Painting Ltd.

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