The Top Color Accent Trends for 2024

Color Accent Trends for 2023

The color accents trending in 2023 are making it a much brighter year, at least for exterior and interior painting. These color accents are chosen because they are directly impacting on emotions and are uplifting the moods of any space. After two tumultuous years, more interior design enthusiasts are turning to colors to liven up homes and create inspiration in spaces for residential painting in Nelson.

So, as professional residential painting services and contractors are showing us, here are the top color accents that are dominating in 2023.


Gray-green is the top choice for 2022. This sophisticated accent symbolizes harmony and balance usually seen in the natural world. This shade is subtle enough to be used in many rooms and walls throughout the home. It can be used as color pops on kitchen cabinets or as a welcome color in an entry hall.

Earthy Tones

It seems that green of all undertones is becoming popular as people are yearning to bring more nature colors into their homes. A few favorites are the emerald and leafy green tones as well as shades of green sage and other greens of deeper tones. Earthy neutrals and nature-inspired greens evoke the calming and enveloping spirit of cool green undertones. Greens will be the colors to look out for even in the next year. They are colors that aren’t overpowering.


In past years, yellow seems to have an undeserved reputation of being overwhelming and feeling dated. However, this sunny color is finding its way into people’s homes to warm up the walls and ceilings. Buttery and citron tones resembling the petals of sunflowers seem to energize any space in the home. Citron is also calming, uplifting, and cheerful, a simple and beautiful color for any space.

Warm Neutrals

Warm and neutral paint colors are finding their way into homes bringing warmth and versatility to any space. Neutral paint palettes can instantly make rooms feel cozy and comforting. Sandy beige and airy greige get brighter in natural light, or choose a rich neutral for high-traffic areas of the home, in living rooms, and with décor styles with ambience.

Brown-Toned Grays

Often called ‘muddled jewel tones’, brown grays allow rooms to breathe softly and have a very calming effect on bodily systems. This color accent is inspiring and yet drapes like a thick blanket. While these colors are suitable for family rooms and bedrooms, they can also be used for spaces like entry halls, breakfast rooms, and kitchens.

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