Residential Painting Can be Done Even in the Winter

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A professional painting contractor will tell you that winter may not be the perfect time for residential painting. In fact, most contractors will tell you this. But while this is true with exterior painting, interior painting can still be done despite the cold and chilly atmosphere, day and night.

There is less humidity in the air

Interior painting in any house can be done during all four seasons. But winter seems to be the best time to paint interior house walls because there is less humidity inside the home. The restricted moisture in the air allows the paint to bond better with the walls. When spring and summer arrive, the paint will not shed or crack because the paint has dried evenly.

Less interior fumes

Paint fumes can be irritating and can cause some health hazards. During the cold months, even if you stay indoors, there is less moisture in the air. This less humidity means fumes cannot linger around. You can also open the windows for ventilation if it is not too cold. A good and professional interior painting company will also suggest low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint to prevent unpleasant fumes and odours.

Spring and summer can be spent on better things

If you have the home interior painted in the spring or summer, you’ll be spending days in the hot outdoors while waiting for the paint to dry. If you have your walls painted in winter, you get to enjoy the spring and summer weather, indoors or outdoors, without worrying about the repainting job.

House painters cost more in the spring and summer

Why is residential interior painting more expensive in the spring and summer? Spring can bring the monsoon rains and the high humidity means the painting is put on hold. If the summer temperature is too hot, painting is delayed as well because the heat will affect how the paint bonds with the surface. You can also compromise by having your interiors painted in the autumn season. It’s not that cold yet, but the humidity is just as low. If you want to stay outdoors while the painting is ongoing, you don’t have to worry if it’s too cold or too hot.

A&A painting local painting services

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Although professional painting companies may choose costlier products for interior residential painting, this is because they know that cheaper paints mean less quality finish. A less than good quality finish means the paint will shed, chip, or crack after only a little over a year. For the professionals at A&A Painting, a good quality finish is not an option. It is the only option.

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