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Painting your home can be a tedious task if you’ve never been a DIYer, or don’t have the time, skill or inclination. Interior painting services offered by professional painters are perfect for busy homeowners who want to have their homes repainted but don’t have the time or skill to do it themselves.

Finding interior painting services

Professional home painting service and commercial painting service companies are not difficult to find in Canada these days, especially if you’re in the West Kootenay areas as well as Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail cities. But you need to trust your home’s painting needs to a professional team (such as A&A Painting Ltd.).

Taking the DIY path may find homeowners confused and frustrated, whether it’s just a single room, the entire house interior, or the house exterior. Professional residential painters employed with big painting contractors are also commercial painters and their vast experience makes painting a house easy and organized.

Professional painters 

A professional painter can do a better job at painting a house than even the best DIYer can. They have experience and know what they are doing which means they will use the right materials and choose the right paint for the job to provide quality results.

What sets apart the real professional painting contractors from other house painters?

Proper color selection

The painting team will always help the homeowner choose the best color. Whether it’s replicating the existing color or choosing a new color, as well as the type of paint, color consulting services is done before any work starts.

Proper area protection

Professional painters will cover floors and large furniture with new and clean protective plastic sheeting or canvas. Floors are also protected with extra drop cloths. Every inch of a room is secured.

Surface preparation

Professional paint crews inspect every nook and cranny and fill or repair any holes and cracks in ceilings and walls. They also seal and scuff sand any uneven surfaces, including old or loose paint. All this ensure smooth and clean surfaces for a beautiful finish.

Cleaning up

Professional crews remove all coverings and materials, sweeps floors and carpets, and put everything back exactly where they were placed. The room or area is cleaned in full.  

A&A Painting Ltd.

At A&A Painting, our team of professional painters does interior and exterior painting. We work on new construction homes, residential homes and commercial spaces. A&A Painting has been in the business of painting for over 30 years and is experienced in providing hassle-free interior painting services at affordable costs. We employ only the most qualified painters who are efficient and provide quality services.

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