Industrial Painting Trends that an Industrial Painting Company Always Pays Attention To

Industrial painting

Industrial painting is much different from residential painting. While most residential painting focuses on being aesthetic and decorative, industrial painting is primarily used as an important layer of protection against chemical erosion, corrosion, and rusting of steel or concrete facilities. However, though an industrial painting company focuses more on the utilitarian nature of the painting job, it doesn’t mean that industrial painting can’t be done with an eye for a little aesthetics.

Neutral or warm colours

Tan, taupe, and beige are classic colours that will never go out of style with any local painting contractors. Neutral and warm colours help in offsetting the harsh fluorescent lighting that is common in many industrial facilities. These colours also have undertones that adjust to their surroundings. Neutral colours are warm and simple and provide a good way to make a building or warehouse look in style while offering the best undertone protection against the elements.

Rich and artistic colours

In contrast to what is mentioned above, some more adventurous industrial facility owners might request the local painting company to use colours that are more playful and vivid to add dimension to a flat building, raise employee morale, or serve as a sort of advertisement. Painting contractors are noting that vibrant and bright colours are becoming a trend beginning in 2020 and manufacturers are producing bright “industrial” colours such as rusted red and burnt orange.

Environmentally-friendly paints and materials

Environmental laws and codes are bringing out more ecologically-friendly paints such as low-VOC paints. This is because not only the painting job itself should be “green” but also clean paint disposal is now a must, including biodegradable paint trays and recycled nylon-bristled brushes and rollers.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is popularly growing in residential and commercial painting. With industrial painting, colour blocking is a great way to spruce up a dull industrial building. Colour blocking is done by painting separate sections of the exterior and ceiling a different colour from the main colour. Colour blocking will make your building stand out, especially if your main colour is neutral and warm. An industrial painting contractor understands that colour blocking can enliven a specific area without overhauling an entire building.

Think ahead with A&A Painting Ltd

When it comes to industrial painting, it’s a no-brainer to think ahead before you have your wall, structure, or facility painted. If you want the paint job to look great and protect your industrial facility for many years, you can’t just get any local industrial painting company. You need to call A&A Painting in the West Kootenay area. Our skilled and experienced industrial painters have the proper training and methods to prep and pre-treat any facility before painting, and they are also knowledgeable on the right paint to use, whether epoxy or chemically resistant paint.

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