Making a Lasting Impression with a Touch of the Brush

How do you make a lasting impression on family, friends, and work colleagues who may visit your home in 2021? Perhaps it’s time for the inside of your house to get an interior painting job or retouch. So, how do you make a lasting impression using your home? Use the best colour to impress your guests.

What do professional painting contractors think of first impressions?

Whether it involves residential interior painting or commercial interior painting, professional painting contractors understand that every finished paint job needs to leave a positive impression. For home interiors, the purpose is to impress any guest. For business and commercial interiors, the goal is to leave a lasting impression on clients and customers. This is why professional painting contractors such as A&A Painting Ltd. always puts their best foot forward and present a professional and positive image to give all customers the best interior paint finish.

The professionals will help choose the best colors

Whether it’s the inside of your house or your new business startup, professional painting contractors will always help their customers choose the best and most attractive paint color, offering suggestions on top of what customers may want.

The front door or entrance is one of the best and the first place to make a first impression. A colorful front door or entrance provides a focal point for the front of the house or business. It is also the portal through which guests or customers enter; the physical transition from the exterior to the interior.

Inside the home or entrance, the foyer and hallways are the next impression guests or customers will see. It doesn’t have to be grand and showy; it does need to be very attractive and in good condition. In a home, the priorities for impressions will be the places where you entertain; the living room, dining room, kitchen, and primary bathroom. These are the areas where the homeowner and professional painters need to agree and consider what visual statement to make. Homeowners may also want to include the guest room and guest bath to make a good impression for guests staying the night.

The power of color

The unspoken messages inside homes or businesses that are sent are essential. Colors have a way to show guests or customers that the home or business is going up in the world. Some colors have more impact than others, and the top five bold choices usually suggested by professionals have the most serious wow factor.

  • Red – The most energizing color, giving feelings of warmth; the best choice for dining rooms.
  • Orange – Has vitality, sense of happiness, liveliness, but can be overwhelming, so it needs to be paired with copper or blue.
  • Gold – Represents opulence, luxury, and glam factor.
  • Purple – Radiates confidence, self-confidence, intensity, but works better as an accent than an over-all color.
  • Teal – The usual choice for trend-savvy decorators. It is versatile, contemporary, bright, and invigorating for all interior painting.

A&A Painting Ltd.

If you need to make an impression with your home or business interiors, you only need to get in touch with the best professional painting contractor since 1995 in the West Kootenay region: A&A Painting. They know how to take care of every customer, and they have done so very well for over 30 years in the Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail areas. A&A Painting understands making first impressions using paint, and they’re also committed to passion and creativity. Get in touch with A&A Painting today.

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