Why High-Quality Paint Matters for Your Home: High Quality vs Low-Quality Paint

high quality residential painting

Hiring professional local painters in West Kootenay for your interior or exterior house painting ensures that your home receives a proper professional finish. Thus, the paint quality chosen for your home is important if you want a long-lasting paint finish. Cheap paint even if applied by an expert professional painting contractor won’t look good in the long run and will cost you more money.

You need to use more cheap paint

You might think cheap low-quality paint can save you money, but then cheap paint means using more than one or two coats. This means buying more cans of paint, so you don’t save at all.

Low-quality paint has less longevity

When you choose low-quality cheap paint, you can see the difference in just a year or two. Cheap paint isn’t durable and won’t last nearly as long as high-quality paints. Opting for cheaper paint will have you spending more money on refresh painting jobs sooner than expected.

High-quality paints don’t need as many coats

High-quality paints have more pigmentation than low-quality paints. The better the pigments, the smaller and purer, and this means the pigmentation offers more coverage and colour depth to the paint job. These fine pigments help the paint easily hide what you’re painting over.

high quality paint for your home

Better adhesion, better durability

All paints have binders or resins, and high-quality paints have the very best ones. These binders or resins help the paint adhere to every painted surface properly. Good binders also keep paint from:

  • Absorbing mildew and mould.
  • Fading and cracking.
  • Peeling, cracking, and blistering.
  • Scuffing

Binders are the most expensive ingredient in high-quality paint, so it stands that the binders in cheap paints are low-quality.

Better protection

High-quality paints provide better protection against mildew and spoilage. High-quality paints also last up to 15 years, compared to low-quality ones that can only last a year or two at the most. Lower-quality paints also offer less protection against moulds, mildew, spoilage, and other elements even if the paint is still good after a few months of being applied. The better your paint finish can protect your home against moisture and mildew, the longer your home lasts as well.

A&A Painting Ltd.

A&A Painting as the top local painters in West Kootenay will only use the best high-quality paints for your home and commercial spaces. We have been serving the entire West Kootenay region since 1995 and we are well-known for our reliability, punctuality, courteousness, and professional paint finish jobs. You can fully trust our company and crew because we are fully bonded, licensed, insured, and all our personnel are fully background checked.

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